Cannabis Life In Australia

CANNABIS LIFE its application to "Produce and Cultivate" Medicinal Cannabis in Australia with the Office of Drug Control (Federal). CANNABIS LIFE expects this license to be approved in the immediate future.

On the 26th September 2016 the Australian Government legalised the commercial production and supply of medicinal cannabis in Australia. This change provides access to medicinal cannabis in Australia for patients suffering from HIV, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and other associated medical conditions.

It is widely recognised in epidemiological literature that access to medicinal cannabis or cannabis products may provide benefits for certain patients. Those with terminal cancer, chronic pain, AIDS/HIV, and children with intractable forms of epilepsy can experience benefits such as pain relief, nausea control and increased appetite.

CANNABIS LIFE is in the process of partnering with a TGA (GMP) Licensed business which will result in the culmination of licenses being issued to "Grow and Manufacture" Medicinal Cannabis in Australia and provide patients with access to medicinal cannabis products.